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SEO webmasters on how to efficiently optimize

    in website optimization process in the, webmaster often will found, many when we according to know of some optimization method on website for SEO optimization, is no received expected of effect, not only effect to website of weight, and ranking and included situation, more will on website of development formed hinder, faced search flow increased, and user number increased and website long development of bottleneck, makes webmaster in how for efficient of optimization process in the faced confused, In a State of stagnation.

    face the puzzle of SEO optimization and trouble, personally think that owners need to consider how to take targeted measures and countermeasures, so as to solve this puzzle, open the new realm for Web site optimization increases. To do this, we need to make things simple, grasp the core of solving this dilemma, thereby opening the breach. Specifically, the webmasters just get three point as a breakthrough and seriously implemented, will be able to break through this dilemma, make website optimization to open a new space for development.

    1th: contents King, conquer the search engines with content

    as webmaster and SEOER, I believe that we all already know "content is King" that optimize saying, as can be seen, especially high quality original content irreplaceable important role in search engine optimization! This can be seen from the search engine's own values, search engines in order to provide users with the information they need, and only allows the user to obtain the required information to obtain search engine's favor, also will be given more weight.

   , SEO optimization difficulties come first is the use of the contents of such powerful optimization tools, must be original, fresh and high repeat rate in the search engine, real help and value to user content. Organizations on the one hand this type of content-rich and fulfilling related sections of the Web site, the other is to maintain a certain frequency of updates, so that search engine spiders can get a steady source of content, thereby promoting the Web site optimization promotion, break the stagnant state.

    2nd: highlight the chain effects, quality optimization of breaking the impasse of the chain

    concert with content is King and that is " outside the chain for the Emperor", the chain Web site SEO optimization of another most important position, and high quality original content that is of equal importance. In the face when optimizing a deadlock, on the one hand need to be high quality content filled website, on the other hand you need to build a quality network of the chain, driven by high quality chain to optimize data updates, breaking the site optimization of bottlenecks.

    in the process of building a quality network of the chain, need to pay attention to three aspects:

    is included in select high weight, fast Forum concentrated superior firepower to do outside the chain of quality;

    second, keeping the chain release number of a certain frequency, the number of daily, weekly and published relatively stable, Avoid sharp fluctuations;

    three is to actively use the chain mode in several ways, including both commonly used forum signature, also including soft and soft article mode of the portal site.

    3rd: value chain and tool optimization puzzle in diversified ways to break through

    in addition to the most common and most important high quality original content and these two factors affect the optimization of the chain effects, should not be overlooked is the site's internal link and other tools to influence the results. When faced with optimized fan Council, and after the two core elements of the chain, but also actively used other means to drive the optimization results improve, which mainly depends on the number of links and other optimization tools.

    site internal links need to actively make use of a variety of program optimization plugins like related articles plugin is called, the article tag cloud feature, so that closer links between site content, so that when search engine spiders crawling the site content to be more thorough and extensive, enhanced site search engine friendly. Meanwhile, actively using other tools for optimization help, like ROBOTS. TXT and Sitemap, SITEMAP, navigation bars, and adept at using these tools can greatly enhance the site search engine friendly, website optimization for better results, hack the site optimization puzzle.

    above, the difficulties website optimization when webmasters and fans when the Council, should not be confused or even elusive feel to the search engine algorithms and give up. The right attitude should be the analysis of advantages and disadvantages of their Web site, seized three core search engine algorithms, strict implementation and follow-up in the optimization process, which cracked.

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