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SKYCC, set off a network marketing software marketing

    the end of January, SKYCC launched the first integrated marketing software, promoted the development of the Internet. New integrated marketing software is fully prepared, marketing models and change means network marketing software marketing strategy new strategy of market opening, also heralded the future of network marketing software marketing "smudge".

    It is understood that in 2010 China's e-commerce transaction volume reached 4.5 trillion yuan, proportion of SMEs online trading and Internet marketing at 42.1%. In 2010, the national network of retail trading volume of 523.1 billion yuan, about 3.3% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods.

    based on survey data shows that SMEs surveyed last year in Internet advertising and the highest percentage of use marketing software to promote investment. Network marketing has surveyed small and medium enterprises, more than three-fourths companies made it clear that the coming year will be maintained or increased investment in marketing software and advertising.

    combination, new network marketing software marketing blue sea

    according to the investigation, 90% of small business Internet marketing, e-marketing is not understood. But the way there are a lot of network marketing, Enterprise, what they need is to have a promoting effect, the operation is convenient and simple, multi-faceted online marketing. But many enterprises for B2B marketing, blog marketing, Forum marketing and other methods of selection, or choose a single marketing method.

    SKYCC portfolio marketing software is a new marketing idea, it is from the user's actual needs, to benefits and services for the Center. Is a multi-faceted marketing software that is on the market effective with the single form of marketing advantage to extract intelligence, simple and convenient operation can take advantages of each promotion, in order to achieve multi-faceted online marketing. With the rapid development of the Internet, a single marketing software has been unable to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises development.

    the launch of integrated marketing software, promoted the development of network marketing software marketing, break the traditional pattern of a single marketing software, integrated marketing software is the birth of a new revolution in Internet marketing software.

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