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Traditional growing network marketing business

    traditional enterprise network marketing are not the same as to simply build websites, does not equate to a simple network marketing needs is a network marketing business solutions, an online marketing and comprehensive communication programmes. Compared to the enterprises building their own high cost of e-commerce team, compared to independent website, marketing e-commerce services, one-stop marketing traditional enterprises with the most cost-effective outsourcing services has become the most effective choice.

    although there are many traditional businesses are beginning to try network marketing business, but little success. Congenital lack of traditional enterprise Internet gene in the face in the process of integration of offline and online business, are faced with severe pain, difficulties in transition:

    1, a lack of overall planning of network marketing. Awareness of the many businesses of network marketing is limited to build a business Web site, or open a shop, only to sell it as a new channel or digesting the inventory channel. Such business strategy and as their lifeblood of network marketing businesses like vancl platform operators to compete, lost at the starting line at the beginning;

    2, lack of experience in network marketing operations. Internet marketing on traditional industries, is a relatively new field, network marketing, operations management and the traditional physical business there is very different;

    3 lack of co-ordination and internal departments. Establishing network marketing business sector, collaboration between the new and existing sector became a big problem.

    these factors led to a traditional network marketing business went on the road has twists and turns, according to the industry's argument that the traditional network marketing companies do not want to miss opportunities, but most of the die to do network marketing, do not do is to die. Faced with such a dilemma, and how exactly the traditional network marketing business going?

    Internet marketing outsourcing market has begun to show strength and differentiation of trends, most smaller outsourcing companies rely mainly on helping enterprises to build stores, platforms products, relatively simple services such as order processing, for core competence of network marketing links, such as offline brand seamlessly transfer , online promotion plan, a user's data mining, online operations monitoring and analysis cannot provide professional services, On the formation of systematization of Internet marketing and branding constraints. Only Internet marketing planning consulting and integration services to help businesses complete Internet marketing branding process, restraints and service style favored by the traditional Corporation.

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