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How to reduce the lack of corporate sites on the network marketing of

    many companies have strong financial strength, mature and stable team, professional and highly technical people, a good management model, but all of this, do not ensure effective Internet marketing, has a lot of flaws, even amazing, are out of proportion with the image. Changsha website to solve these problems do some investigation, three problems are analyzed.

   , attaches to the search engines is not enough

    mainly in two aspects of this issue, the enterprise's own Web site for search engine friendly , and there is no emphasis on search engine promotion. Enter a company name or product name when users log on to the search engine, many Web sites do not appear in the search engine feedback, even if there are several pages later, this means the company will lose these potential business opportunities.

    II, don't know what online media effort buzzing

    an enterprise every year in traditional media such as television, newspapers, magazines and so on to hit into a lot of money, but there are other effective practices. For some digital products, for example, young consumers have few traditional media. For example, buying a laptop or digital camera, consumers are now more information log on to the network media browse, search, compare, bidding, if these enterprises to appropriate networks at this time and assisted on word of mouth marketing, no doubt will achieve a multiplier effect. In many cases, the large well-known companies in the traditional media hit 10 million, may even be to network media is worth 1 million better.

    c, do not know how to use new ways of delivering information communication

    when it comes to network marketing, companies know that advertising, but do not know how to use new media such as blogs, podcasts and RSS and other new forms of communication to contact with their customers, prospects, and business partners to communicate. On this point, large well-known domestic enterprises and their foreign counterparts and the gap is very large. Some well-known international IT companies such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM,SUN and new technologies such as Oracle are blog marketing of Active practitioners. Blog development shows that, even in this exploration of SMEs are walking in front of a large well-known companies.

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