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Internet marketing into light advertising age

    light in new era of Internet marketing--advertising age

    numb when we jump out of a Web page advertisement-free glimpse, video ads before the show anger, Internet marketing hard ad era is drifting far month month sister popular secular attack, sister feng's publicity suffered the scorn of the world, network ESU hype also led to controversy. At this point, the business owners face the traditional network marketing model, marketing spending began to hesitate.

    with the passage of time, VW nerves are surrounded by traditional network marketing model become numb. However, such as "object", "short films" and other new forms of online advertising are amazing, effectively activate the audience numb the nerve, as companies offer new options. This success story is told us, following hard after advertising, bad hype, Internet marketing is about to usher in a new era of light – advertising age!

    awareness light advertising

    Fu to network marketing consultant Yang Haipei proposed: so-called light advertising, that in Internet socialization media platform, to text, and pictures, and video, performance form for relies on, through content of creative novelty sex and the funny humor sense to attract by all, then prompted by all on advertising content independent collection, and share, and discussion even two times creation, to caused netizens interactive, Forms new network marketing models of viral spread.

    as Fu to PR for narcissus drug industry making of "you absolute no see had of narcissus wind" light advertising, is take Street Dance of alternative play, day within formed 260,000 times click, in excellent cool, and everyone network, and SINA micro-Bo of March hot video ranked TOP10 Shang ranking fourth, more is for advertising publicity of South black sesame official website day access volume brings historic breakthrough, for far beyond expected effect and led to server paralysis.

    through practical experience, Fukurai believes that making light advertising needs to pay attention to the following key points in the process:

    , in order to attract more eyeballs

    in today's ads everywhere in the network environment, only one video, a propaganda piece of text has been far from attracting the attention of Internet users, Only with a unique creativity to show contents of novelties, in order to attract the audience's attention, and make them stop watch.

    fire some time ago and "Durex overshoes rain" events, who would have thought that on rainy days come up water-resistant Durex in shoes? So such a SINA weibo status upon release, was quickly forwarded tens of thousands of times and topped the top hot topics, brought huge publicity to Durex. SINA weibo "4D micro-interactive movie"--the goose God world war Li to "user participation movie plot development" innovative ways of successfully attracting millions of users involved.

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