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Business microblogging marketing ways

    Internet marketing methods and case very much in China's Internet environment, a good idea is the soul of most important in online marketing activities. Internet Group senior analyst, pointed out that in the world, the emergence of micro-blogging brought big changes to the Internet life, also derived from the Twitter marketing network extension mode, and gradually people respected. Based on the extensive influence of Twitter on the Web, business microblogging concept has also been raised.

    business microblogging to commercial social networking microblogging platform. Immediacy of it is using Twitter to promote extensive and interactive, user-friendly publishing business information and communicate online at any time.

    micro-blog in today's information age has turned into a synonym for innovation, it rapidly and great information to traditional media to shame. That now form a specific study on relationship between enterprises and micro-blogging, how to use the microblog to better promote their products, and better understand the market, to communicate better with customers.

    survey found that 80% more users use Twitter for information searches, and a hot topic on Twitter can become a social focus. Twitter, with its irresistible momentum, opening the "micro-marketing" a new door. So build the professional nature of the business of micro-blogging becoming a topic of concern for many enterprises.

    business microblogging is the internal Exchange of emotions and information platform for external communication, feedback, you can also narrow the distance between merchants and people: for Internet users, they can get the information, making information transparent, they will have more information to make better choices. For businesses, help for Internet users the market is very optimistic about the future of the platform.

    Internet Group senior analyst in the world concluded: "customers first" is not a slogan, Enterprise microblogging implementation and user contact with great affinity, the first time the widest possible user base idea, is the company's objective, can play a "four-two ounces" role. Twitter, 140-Word marketing force to be reckoned with. Twitter has become a major Internet giants race for new goals, will also be the flashpoint for future earnings, has become a new battleground.

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