In the era of the network without ideas there is no eye

    in the era of the network to achieve competing for eyeballs and brain effects, no creativity is hard to do. We live in an era of information explosion, as long as the eyes open, whether the newspaper, TV or the Web site, spam everywhere, everywhere is the same promotional language, the same advertising. To attract the user's attention, you have to like and others do not, only, and others do not like the idea you can get attention.

    in marketing activities, the idea is to identify specific problems, and in unexpected ways to solve this problem. Best Internet marketing should be overthrown have learned from books common sense and routine. If the reader of this book in online marketing research, is practicing again, I can say with confidence, your network marketing has started. Over time learned in this book knowledge and routine practice makes perfect, you become a qualified network marketers.

    but if you only in accordance with books or other Internet Marketing books described in the routine to do network marketing, at best, you are a qualified online marketers, and won't become a network marketing guru. Internet marketing experts must understand and mastery of other people's experience and routine after the overthrow of these routines, using other people never used to promote the site, can be refreshing, to achieve the best results.

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