Network to promote popular weight

    1, site rich in content, professional

    as industry sex website, must to professional, don't let user feel is amateur, in news, and industry information plate, articles content to has industry sex, has timeliness, website of content as original, pseudo original content to modified 80%, don't casually turned turned articles on upload, such not only user not to see, search engine for has some articles also not interested in, such website of depth on didn't has, cannot let user stay more of time, Your product will could not be accepted, and Web site content updates in a timely manner so that the network promotion.

    2, website template design

    website template design to the atmosphere, to coordinate the overall color, plate design, website template is equivalent to store facades, give users a first impression is better, try to find a professional graphic design, image selection paired with overall site, don't like the pictures are listed.

    3, and meet user reading habits

    page of design Shi to note put important of part put in user most easy see of place, such network promotion is effect, also has articles also to clear of typesetting, let readers in reading articles Shi has a clear of structured, so again upload articles Shi to review a again, many articles edit good Hou because background reasons also will appeared run partial phenomenon.

    4, site interaction than

    today is the most popular social site, reason is the strong interaction, user engagement is high, so stand can also be set as much as possible in their own interactive sessions, you can increase the top post, reply, comment, vote, and other functions, increase user stickiness, can enhance the user experience can not only attract search engines These networks can do more with less.

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