How to write a powerful network news headlines

    first Ming yi, heading, title to real problems to be hard-hitting

    a lot of people give the title name, often empty, regardless of actual situation. Network news is different from traditional newspapers, virtual topic often makes readers to no avail, also influence the "hits". Network news headlines be sure to grasp the facts of one or several elements of the press, through a combination of appropriate and seize "news eye" to attract your audience to click on, so loud.

    second, and title to as avoid advertising language

    this a mode main is requirements you active to opened you to convey of information of cover, cannot hid with tuck with, like "light moxibustion international phototherapy of home investment joined" a see let people think is advertising and gave up click, like this questions tone of title certainly not became news, also will directly was threw into garbage station.

    third, statements with predicate

    such as the title of the odd Tiger vs Tencent claims 150 million trial debate of three focal points, a standard statement, subject is bright, and not, as some people make headlines, can not read at all, that is the Martian language, such as in buried in the loneliness of the network of

    IV, Seeks to dynamic of, and to reveals news

    like such a title odd Tiger case Guangdong high hospital court trial let people a see on no interest, even many people are not know odd Tiger is what, but if will title to odd Tiger v Tencent claims 150 million trial stress debate three big focus, also of news, to people of feel on will not as, Tencent everyone are know's, such a wrote, others certainly will wants to points in see Xia, this odd Tiger is what party sacred Ah, And Tencent lawsuit, also claims 150 million, well, I think this title is novel title.

    fifth, try not to use the interrogative sentence

    lot of people write headlines like tone that uses questions, which it isn't, but you want to minimize the use, even if you want to use, and is also used to perfection. Heading such as Taobao Mall of why cat Mall, never seen such capacity that Taobao business problems, was acquired. Actually said Taobao Mall, changed its name to Sky cat Mall.

    network news is critical to corporate branding and promotion, so learn how to write powerful headlines critical of the network.

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