Internet marketing must-have eight Professional and legal quality

    with the rapid development of the Internet age, enterprises, businesses and even individual demand for online advertising is growing influx of talent to the network driver. Reporters interviewed network driver network driver authority landlords, explore the status quo of the current network driver and network behind what pushing industry to cater to today's network of talent demand and development.

    network behind the landlord: "Internet marketing needs and network to promote employee growth spurt is led to entire network public relations and advertising industry into shuffling stage. Web promotion services and individual quality is uneven, ways to promote diversity, complicate the service object, many businesses network driver and network marketing industry as a whole hold a wait-and-see attitude, and distrust. Of course, there are many businesses feel the benefits of this economic and affordable model.

    is now a lot of people don't know how to be a network driver, network driver and network public relations teams for future developments and future relative fuzzy grasp of Internet marketing. Push landlords to today's online advertising on this network forms a general analysis and put forward the following eight points "networks push qualities" for businesses and individuals to choose promotion service reference, for some new network driver and network public relations guidelines and a reference for future study and work.

    network driver landlord says: "network of all walks of life have become successful businessmen, battleground, Alibaba, jdb, Pepsi, Toyota and so on well-known brands network marketing gains allow merchants to see excellence: networking platform hides an enormous commercial value and advertising value.

    network driver as softer advertising hype with pioneer and event marketing event in the burgeoning, and network development of each network driver must continue to progress and improve themselves "

    today's heyday came as WEB2.0, network driver if they think of it as a new era of beach-goers have to fully develop themselves, improve themselves. Macro-thinking must be comprehensive grasp of network development and market trends, develop comprehensive marketing concept, more public relations strategy; micro-depth on some technical level, acquire more knowledge of network and promoting public relations skills. "

    network driver landlords under the now and future market needs a simple list some network driver need the ability and quality, for discussion by the push is learning stage.

    1, paper marketing. Paper marketing is the promotion of network driver magic is the essence and core of the soft advertising. Today, the advertisement has not been accepted in recent years slowly soft advertising and hype out of power makes you marvel at the event. A event build out a brand and shops let many people understand has a truth: now, primary do of not wants to good sold what, but wants to good first how to Super made a brand, each a pushing psychological are to has a concept is how to combined big background do once success of hype, including news hype and Forum Portal hype, second is what of industry for what of soft paper marketing, what of soft paper creation most can echo consumers of psychological made good of advertising effect.

    2, interactive marketing. Interactive marketing concept derived from the Forum paper marketing, in a advertisement in the how to guide Internet users to participate in discussions, rather than shout ads to run. The writing of forum software has attractive points, also a memorable and controversial topic of Internet users, pushing hands which to innuendo, fanning that maximize the contradictions. Maximize this contradiction is not to let others evaluate good and bad for the brand, but through the disputed brand theme-related topics so people remember the brand, such as melatonin, when they are in hate of controversial television ads degree, the sad road, Shi Yuzhu Shi Yuzhu's shrewd, and melatonin this brand have been deeply embedded in people's minds.

    3, site planning. Many network driver think Web design is a technical engineer, has nothing to do with myself. In fact is not, site planning the first should be a platform for brands to use the network to do the first step in marketing, is one of the majority of Internet users contact brand Windows. Both a star and the first impressions of a product to consumers is very important, if the first impression is good, he will become your loyal FANS for life. Therefore, the driver must know the network site planning, including the structure of the site, layout, artwork, content, Web site promotion, Web site traffic ranking, website opening speed must take into account, among other factors. A successful network driver must accompany a brand growing up together, including his Internet marketing steps and procedures are going to have to be given very good advice, and even traditional media advertising and BTL marketing patterns deep understanding and discussion.

    4, SEO, and search engine promotion. On July 16, CNNIC (China Internet network information center) published the 24th statistical report on Internet development in China, reports show that scale had reached 338 million Internet users in China in the first half of this year, continue to lead the global Internet; as of June 2009, there were 69.4% Internet users use search engines. Visible, network world this whole industry of all the Web sites with search engines from stakeholders, are restricted by search engines, which derives from people's dependence on search engines. In China, Baidu's market share to 65.8% far ahead of other rivals. Network driver must be familiar with SEO technology and Baidu to promote the process, prices, results, keyword selection and evaluation.

    5, network marketing. Network marketing a wide range of great, but category also seem easier to understand. Network marketing can be referred to as network resources integration methods and by means of network marketing. In General according to the different marketing methods can be divided into: soft advertising marketing and advertisement sales. Soft advertising market can be divided into: News Portal marketing marketing, forums, chat tools, QQ/msn marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, MSN and IM community marketing. Main promotion advertisement is: in all walks of Web sites and portals, through pictures, text and video advertisement in the way of launching, and also includes the Web site window, chat window and skin, and so on ad. General advertisement for consumers is a passive act of reading is sometimes a compulsive read, easy to let consumers dislike, and a lot of hard nature of the advertisement are spam. Soft advertising also has shortcomings, many when easy on netizens produced misleading, through title party, false event and so on way to contributed to advertising information of passed easy let people was a fall cheated of feel, so soft paper promotion of when must to note articles and pictures of interesting and value degrees, to let netizens reading up think has value, even through this is advertising also to lamented this soft advertising do of clever aesthetic.

    6, crisis public relations. Each brand must make crisis PR preparation, the so-called public opinion monitoring, through network channels their brand reputation reputation, keep track of public opinion and media comments on brands. Negative information may exist but not be allowed to develop into a situation that cannot be controlled. Forum article on "Toyota's car accident was bruised" post brought huge losses to Toyota, Word of mouth spread quickly, less than half of all car users and potential customers of the car will know how Toyota is vulnerable. If you found this post had the first time, can effectively control the spread of contact and edit forum administrators to temporarily seal affixed by the parties, and, together with the parties to explore the truth and what happened, and posted in the first place, and so on, maybe things won't develop later stage.

    7, the network driver. Network push landlords say network push to realize the network you have to know yourself. And planning how to develop first, know what you learn every day, to understand what the. First, the news is network driver must pay attention to every day things, the news media itself with the network promotion inextricably linked, often focus on news events, media events, continue to grasp the trend of Internet, media and forms in today's society. Second, learning networks, marketing knowledge, psychology, economics. These are networks behind the necessary expertise and skills, if you want to work with large enterprises and brands, network driver more than 80% companies should at least guarantee their team members with college diplomas. Third, public relations skills. PR skills there are two faces, one customer, one is the vast number of consumers. First of all you should be, and bombast, the most basic you can say what you do, can you tell customers what you can do for them, how.

    8, long-term strategic thinking and patience. Internet marketing is sometimes lag, like the soft article promotion. Acceptance of information curiosity + many + check + form consumer behavior motivation, not your ads play to immediately bring in revenue and trading. So every network driver in the promotion of a product when you have a long-term plan, you know your short-, medium-and long-term promotion will give customers what kind of effect, where is the difference. Brand building is a long-term process, many brands have been for thousands of years in history of hundreds of years of accumulated precipitation, and how can we speed up the process. Brand building is not a hype, but rather a long-term plan. But much-hyped can indeed achieve a short-term goal such as Shi Yuzhu of melatonin. But a brand want to have long-term goals must remember three or four steps: brand hype + high quality + word of mouth marketing + public opinion monitoring.

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