Site is down right and remedial measures

    Website Home is down the right for a lot of SEO friends are worried. Website ranking will certainly because the site Home be affected down the right. So, under what conditions can lead to website Home is down right, can affect the site's ranking?

    Web site titles and keywords tags were changed. Baidu is very sensitive for the title, for a new station or in the audit period site, after you change the title caption, Baidu will be treated with the new standards, to review your site, is equal to the wait time before become invalid. Addition to change website templates, H1 tags, keyword density, and so on.

    search engine is through increased time on site costs, to avoid the risk of waste dumps, so site down the right reasons are mostly from the duplication of content is too high, and cause the search engine to start auditing mechanisms.

    improper of friendship links is led to website drop right reasons one of, many website for increased outside chain number, Home hanging with into hundred of links, not only looks is not beautiful, and by implicated of chances also will greatly increased, in many website drop right case in the, due to friendship links inappropriate Dang using, will only harmful no Lee, certainly I also not denied friendship links of role and benefits, just in number and quality Shang must be control.

    Website links can is divided into: station within links and station outside links, often we compared concern of is station outside links, for station within links also stay in a compared shallow of awareness, often optimization space narrow, but station within links for improve ranking also is is has help of, which most common of is target keywords are sets's first page of links, led to Baidu on website drop right.

    maybe, someone asked, how do you know if your website is optimized to excess, this I do not correspond to the standard rate unless the company can, of course, that's not possible. We can ask ourselves: am I focusing on the content of the article, or in constantly updating website keywords and distribution, modification title, insert in the article too many keywords, tags, title, tag, etc. If we do website optimization "extreme" content does not concern, from a search engine point of view, we are cheating, and thought was a clever way of cheating.

    above for several reasons the Home is down the right, never nervous. Can eliminate these factors was down the right. Clear the links being punished, get rid of those traces of over-optimized, adjust the internal structure of the website, website Meta to determine when to stop to adjust.

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