Construction of blog system the chain

    the chain construction can be said to be an essential part of website optimization. Some people think that Web site optimization is to increase the site's external links, as long as the increase to a number of external links, site ranking will go up, really is this you?

    This is certainly not completely right, outside the chain, though important, but it's not the whole website optimization, as opposed to search engines, outside the chain is one of the factor n to measure a site, are not the only ones.

    site outside the chain is also not difficult to do now, like some traffic very large forums or blogs can do, but lots of people don't know how to do it.

    how to get external links in blogs, forums, and other community?

    Forum blog is now does not allow advertising or spam links, but as long as you are able to provide useful information and contribute to the community, such as answering other people's questions, help others to solve some problems, and that many members of the community will consider you as an expert, click on the link in your signature.

    search engine also also, although search engine to Forum and blog comments in of links weight are is low, but add up, addition, through Forum, and blog let more people awareness you, natural has more opportunities was other people in himself blog in comments you of opportunities, but I to reminded you of is, do don't in a forum sent advertising information, such of post soon on will was Moderator delete of, management strictly of Forum also may on you ban statements processing.

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