Determines whether the website has features of Internet marketing

    marketing type website to enterprise help enterprise achieved business target for website construction target, marketing type Enterprise website must is to meet enterprise of some aspects of network marketing function, like oriented customer service mainly of Enterprise website marketing function, to sales mainly of Enterprise website marketing function, to international market development for active enterprise website marketing function, above simple listed are is to achieved enterprise of business target for core, And through the Web site tools to its website the marketing value.

    Website Marketing has the following features:

    1, structure: the platform structure with information effective show requirement specifications, code, display clear, key information highlighting meet marketing requirements, each show page clearly places companies offer communication, Enterprise detailed product information has a good search engine, information is effectively crawling by search engine Analysis, Internet marketing effort.

    2, speed: meet the access requirements, there is no big picture and animation code. Multiple routing space support, completely solve all the country's main network channels and multiplex channel interoperability problems abroad, ensuring any access domain equalization.

    3, and user experience: is on can for easy sex (website of based standard: speed, and security, and compatible type and navigation,), and website of communication sex (for special user groups of custom, Enterprise website should has of interactive and communication function,), and website of credibility (and traditional information of consistent and station within information of consistent, trust degree,), and easily spread (share is network marketing in the value conversion rate highest of a mode) And other aspects of the comprehensive assessment, and enhance customer satisfaction;

    4, site monitoring and management: another factor in the marketing website is the website itself monitoring functions and management functions, such as traffic statistics. Can be used to analyze and improve the website next.

    on-line marketing can widen a road for enterprise development, but first to see if your site is suitable for network marketing in this way. Determining whether a corporate website for Internet marketing, it is necessary to determine if your website with website marketing features, and help your business effectively present information.

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