Network marketing requires attention to the ten focusing on

    age of Internet marketing, network marketing could not have been carried out, and how to do network marketing, you need a lot of practical experience, Changsha Tai-Wai through years of practice, summarized the following must pay attention to the ten focusing on network marketing:

    1. customers

    before shooting, be sure to know where the bull's eye. As a way of marketing, no matter what means of promotion, must never lose sight of your target groups for the site. Even promote with vigour, but cannot communicate product information to people in genuine need, which is tantamount to promoting shampoo monk, even if you got all the monks all over China know your shampoo, but they simply do not have this requirement, all your efforts are in vain. Promotion of certain target groups you want to do your homework before, who they are, the city and region, age, occupation, gender, habits, consumption habits, topics of interest, often go to places, time and frequency. Have a basic understanding of the understanding, promotion, promotion in order to do more with less.

    2. Internet marketing positioning

    after years of development, Web promotion means very much, free, pay, short term, long term. Each project industry, not the same target group, so roll also always. Far into science think: common promotional means are: micro-blog marketing, blog promotion, search engine marketing, community outreach, Alliance bid promotion, advertising, email marketing, Word of mouth spread promotion. Promotion not to throw money on certain lines, to choose their own methods of promotion, a variety of ways.

    3. budgetary position

    promotion budget is key to promotion, if the result falls far short of the expected, but put too much, most likely to get companies into trouble. So do budgets, prepare response costs input and expected results assessment, you can refer to the case, or to conduct advanced research.

    4. to promote the introduction of traffic monitoring

    during the promotion period, to promote the introduction of flow monitoring in real time, through data analysis, to identify the most suitable promotion methods, 28 the law also applies to Internet marketing. 20% 's promotion method to 80% of your Web site traffic, while 80% means there is no much effect, the key is that you find that 20% the most effective promotion methods, and focus on key breakthroughs will be doubled.

    5. to evaluate the introduction of traffic quality

    PV value is one of the key indicators, can truly represent the site's user experience. Average pages per user, residence time, jump out of the page data analysis to optimization of website structure, improve the user experience has a key role. Analyzing statistical data, and discover the data behind the phenomenon.

    6. views brought the number of consulting

    consulting group is a potential customer, online consultation must be set up on a Web page or contact customer service tools, customer service is the bridge between site operators and their customers. Convert customer consulting client success is the focus of Web site operators, but also the core of customer service. And have good customer service team can improve the quality of order rates and corporate image,

    7. improve and maintain a good order conversion rate

    order conversion rate means that all your work is done, results and what is the most important check on Web site operators. This depends on your marketing, user experience, service, product quality is hit with consumers, and each of these rings will affect volume.

    8. customers back more consumption of

    many business customers now, that consumption will ignore whatever people talk success. But it is these repeat customers are the focus of net profit. Far into science and technology advice to retain repeat customers in the following ways: 1, customer databases, holidays, send some birthday wishes messages or mail, but not often, to allow customers to experience your faith on the line. 2, the customer after purchase we will offer various forms of cash credit securities and coupons when customers generally in leadership may very likely will be looking for ways to spend, so as to achieve repeated consumption. 3, often diverse, fun promotions, and people always love a scarce resource, and we focus on the psychological characteristic limiting the time sales customers also made the crowd a warm response. 4. excellent customer service team, our customer service must undergo a rigorous inspection and training to work. We encourage customer communication with customers-friends. 5. refined service. Seven days is no reason to return with 7 days * 24-hour customer service hotline. Service to the extreme.

    9. customer word of mouth

    mouth is also a magic weapon for business development and expansion. But the premise is to do a product quality and service quality, products and service good, customers give you spread, Cup.

    10. websites can give you the benefits of

    final and most crucial, of course, is whether profit, all of the preceding link will determine the last link. Products, services, hard enough, and has a high level of high effect of marketing strategy, to avoid making money is hard.

    Internet marketing site operating independent of the individual. Not send advertising, post, engage in marketing activities and be done. The ten steps above are all linked. Is a water barrel, decides he is not the highest capacity of wood but shortest block. No matter which one you do well as long as there is a short Board, will inevitably affect the global development of the failed open. Many e-commerce companies still struggling to squeeze the outside many of the follow-up, but not everyone fit for e-commerce, he has a more complex environment than their traditional counterparts, more unpredictable, and must also have more wisdom in order to survive. So to do adequate advance preparation and estimate. Once you do, stick, if you keep on, looking for direction trial and error method, sum up the successful experiences of others, is always rewarding.

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