Soft benefits of article marketing and writing skills

    soft it is relative to the mandatory advertising, corporate marketing staff or advertising copywriters to write "text ads". Compared with the traditional advertisement, soft paper are called soft, subtle is a "soft" words, like a velvet glove, received without gel, enemy in the invisible, until you find that this is a soft, when you've suddenly fell into a carefully designed "advertorial" trap. Its aim is a life-giving spring breeze, the soundless communication effect. If the advertisement is Shaolin Kung Fu out; so soft is the velvet glove, with softness of the Wudang fist law, both hard and soft, both inside and outside and repair, is the most powerful marketing tool.

    1, can exercise their writing can also help more new growth

    do stand their experiences or feelings, through article writing one's own voice. Result, novice owners can reap the benefits, and secondly, so that more people know you, understand you and you are going to promote websites and products. Webmasters to know more friends, you know, communication can make progress, three lines will be my teacher dies. Three, you can continuously improve your writing skills.

    2, improve site visibility

    If your website traffic is limited, are not well-known. Software can help you easily, such as A5 in webmaster circles, the popularity is very high, and traffic is particularly large, many colleagues have already come to the A5 for information or gathering articles, so as to achieve the invisible word of mouth marketing. Much better than you go put on some commercials.

    4, speed website ranking and weight

    you know, A5 and CHINAZ write the soft article, included fast, in less than 10 minutes. Baidu and Google have included. When your site has been reproduced countless times, when you have n links. Search engine is more weight and value chain. Outside the chain, and this will improve rankings, soft white like the market chain, quality is very high, huh.

    make a draft first, based on what you want to write articles, lists, titles, articles, which the passage, end of copyright.

    base soft writing is a very important point. Before writing, to clarify their ideas, what they want to say, where is the main point, not to article word count, patchwork, Royce sew sew, endless. Makes sense. Some say I have a lot to say, then you are forcing yourself, pick one of the clearest, most want to write, and then set things up on this idea in my head. Wild imagination can be added, you can write as many.

    the title

    1, heading novelty factor is very important, because the title is often the key to attract users to browse Web content on your website. Good titles tend to be easier. How to get the title was new? there are three ways: "intimidation", "tempted", "exaggerated". "Intimidation" mean to suggest that the title look "terrifying", such as a piece of soft paper, the title of the article is the newbie webmaster: my death who call the shots. This site is mainly a webmaster type site, when users see this heading, would definitely be "panicking", and then click go in immediately knew what it was. "Inducing" refers to the title with temptation, others just want to see what the content of the article is, for example, the hair is red and bright: Why am I going to do appliance repair network of the title, like the friends of appliance repair appliance repair network wanted to know why on earth would you do about it, immediately click here. "Exaggerated" in fact is very simple, says the title of the article is exaggerated, such as sharing the chutian webmaster experience of death and resurrection, others see this title must be wondering: site dead can be resurrected at any time, this is technical, must see. So just look at the! writing headlines in these three ways to completely solve the problem of title novel, webmasters interested to give it a try!

    2, drawn up a new title, and the creation of new content. Someone says there is a new title will be able to bring most of the traffic to our site, then novelty is not novelty is not important. This is a mistake, first novel can bring a steady flow of content, followed by new content can give your website a lot outside the chain, for example one this article is new and useful, many people reprint the article, then the benefits of the chain is infinite. After clear, we need to make a summary article, which is the main idea of the article we must express article, overview, just like primary school, we to the subsection of the article. Don't know how to write the soft article friends can give it a try, very effective. Article summary can be made subheadings, and then under these headings, further expanding their ideas, enrich the article content. Then you will soon be able to have a style, and you can also write an original paper!

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