Service project

Marketing website building program

    program description: site fine Home designs, General page, 20 pages, image processing within the 30 volume website design, site structure is clear and simple atmosphere, product highlights, div + CSS layout, suitable for the "Baidu" Web promotion, Internet marketing, online orders.

    program planning: Home | Company | News | new | products | honors | network online order | | services | contact us

    Home| Company| News| Products| New Products| Honor| Network| Service| Order| Contact us * (column can according to you of company reality for adjustment)

    function introduced: Home for a whole website content of fine of summary page, points Chinese version and English version, highlight company products, company slogan animation design, products and the products classification (two level classification) can through background added/delete/modified, products content by customer itself added upload, news dynamic also can through background for added/delete/ Modify operation, one year free maintenance and 24-hour technical support

    product: com domain name price 99 Yuan, introductory package price of 65 Yuan; 500M space price 420 Yuan, introductory package price 350 RMB; free to log on to the major search engines and optimizing page structure at home and abroad, to achieve better rankings in the search engine; free 400 corporate image call

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