After-sales service

    Website training

    to provide customers with Web site background operations, such as maintenance of professional and technical training, until the customer learned, if your company's maintenance personnel change, information will provide free training again at any time during working hours, if your company needs, Niu Assistant would also provide Web site maintenance-related Web site promotion, training in image processing, video compression, and so on, are free.

    content maintenance

    in no case involving the overall structure of the site, make small adjustments to website content, technical staff will be ready to respond to customer needs.

    antivirus anti-virus

    your website we will conduct weekly site comprehensive anti-virus work, ensure that the Web site, upload pictures, video, toxic, especially Web site security.

    regular backup

    your Web site once a month we will site data backup, backup all data (including pages, programs, databases), and keep your backups physically cut off from the server.

    technical services

    Web site maintenance is available 365 days a year * 24 hours phone support for technical issues encountered in.

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